Order your FREE party invitations in advance. Click here to message us your name & address and no of invites you want and we will send them to you first class post.  Alternatively you can order them with your party pack or chosen bear/cuddly animals and they will arrive with your order.

Would you like your guests to choose their own teddy bears? 

Well now we can provide you with a printable invitation pdf for you to print off and send to your guests.  These invitations contain pictures of 18 different bears for you to choose from.  Your party guests can put down 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of bears.

Please email us through our'Contact Us' page.

We can email a pdf A4 sheet of  these invitations for you to print off. 

Ask for either the (you may ask for more than one sheet):

8" teddy bear selection invitation


16" teddy bear selection invitation


8" pets selection invitation


16" pets selection invitation


16" zoo animal selection invitation